Jocelyn Carey  LMT, Barre Instructor

Jocelyn Carey
LMT, Barre Instructor

Jocelyn Carey, LMT graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in dance. She spent six years dancing professionally in New York and has performed in Cyprus, Ecuador, Canada, China and the USA. Jocelyn also spent several years working as an Aquatic Physical Therapy Aide, an Aquatic Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer before relocating to New Hampshire. She began teaching Barre Fitness classes in 2007 for A to Z Method in Newburyport, MA. She then moved on to teach Barre classes, leading teacher trainings and advanced techniques at Rasamaya Studio in Newburyport, MA and Dover, NH. She was Co-Owner of BarreLogic, a wellness center offering Barre, Fitness, Massage and Chiropractic services from 2013-2016. Jocelyn is currently a Barre instructor at Wildcat Fitness.

Jocelyn earned a diploma from Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in 2008. Since then she has been practicing several modalities of massage and bodywork in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Practicing Therapeutic Massage has given Jocelyn an outlet to apply her knowledge and understanding of the human body from all aspects of her professional life for the benefit of others. She has discovered a passion for injury prevention and recovery work guided by the principle that a healthy body requires a definite balance between strengthening and muscular release. Jocelyn has finally found a way to exercise her love and knowledge of movement  toward teaching Barre and practicing  effective Therapeutic Massage as the proud owner of PIVOTAL Massage & Bodywork LLC .