I am Jocelyn Carey, owner/founder of PIVOTAL Massage & Bodywork and former owner of BarreLogic.

PIVOTAL Massage & Bodywork offers highly skilled, targeted massage sessions that focus on injury prevention and recovery. This is the type of massage therapy I have always sought and had difficulty finding. This is the type of massage therapy that I, as a dancer, athlete and mom so desperately need, it's maintenance.

Bodies need to move. Bodies need to recover.

We live in an age and a culture that fully supports and promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle. We know it feels good to be active. We work hard for it. We strive to become stronger and leaner and capable of pushing ourselves to the physical limit again and again. 

So, how do we avoid injury? There needs to be a balance.

Stretching, lengthening, rolling and digging through our tight and tired muscle tissue will open the fibers and allow circulation to reinvigorate and heal our cells.

We all know what we should be doing in our spare time…self care and body maintenance. Most people I know don’t have or make enough time for this recovery. Do you?

We want to simplify self care for you. PIVOTAL Massage & Bodywork is your new body maintenance program. Let’s make muscle recovery feel less like a chore. Barre Fitness is focused on achieving leaner, stronger and more flexible muscle tissue while building structural strength. In addition to our two Barre Fitness classes each week, we are proud to present the new PIVOTAL Classes: PIVOTAL Deep Stretch, PIVOTAL Roll & Trigger, and PIVOTAL Intro to AIReal Yoga.

Each of these classes introduces different methods of muscle maintenance and overall body wellness, such as traction, hanging suspension, myofascial release, trigger point release and isolated & purposeful deep stretching.

This is how you unbind your muscles and loosen your joints. This is how you avoid injury and continue to function at a peak performance level.

I have been a licensed Massage Therapist and Barre Instructor, perfecting my craft for over a decade. If you are seeking an educated fitness experience or are in need of muscle maintenance to keep your activity level at its prime , welcome to PIVOTAL Massage & Bodywork.

Let's get stronger. Let's be powerful. Let's find balance.

"Jocelyn is a healer. She is intuitive, connected and gets results. No two massages have ever been the same because my needs are always changing. Her skill set is reading the body on all levels and tailoring her work accordingly. Jocelyn keeps class fun, playful and non competitive for all fitness levels. It is group exercise that is all about what feels right to your body individually. I have tried every gym, class and instructor in the Seacoast. Jocelyn is the one I have kept returning to for many years. Thank you!" - Alison

"Whether I am injured or simply want to relax and destress Jocelyn does an amazing job.  Jocelyn's background as a dancer and athlete means she knows how the muscles work together.  But even more, she is highly intuitive and can find the root of what is causing the tension or limiting mobility. She is more effective than any Massage Therapist I know!" - Jamie



"Barre class with Jocelyn is intense.  The workouts can literally transform your body within a very short period of time.  Her motivational and creative teaching style encouraged me to push my body harder, but in an anatomically correct way, maximizing results.  I can honestly say that I end up pushing myself 100% more in her classes than I would have just going to a gym.  I have become stronger and more limber and much more aware of what my body is - and will be- capable of because of her Barre classes.  I initially went into her classes in not the best of shape, with pretty low endurance.  After just about three weeks, I began to see real changes in both the tone and strength of my muscles.  Barre is a great whole body workout: challenging but also a lot of fun!"  - Emily Murphy

"You're in for a surprise! I've tried a lot of teachers but Jocelyn is the bomb! She has energy that is contagious and way of motivating that makes you want to give everything you've got. I am so spent at the end of class but I keep coming back for more. The best way I can describe Barre is a combination of Pilates, ballet Barre and boot camp. You stretch and elongate your muscles and discover little tiny muscles in areas you weren't aware existed. After a couple of months, you see your body change. Your core gets really strong. You start to see that six pack that was hiding somewhere all along. Your saggy arms tone using one pound weights and you learn to hold a plank, forearm plank and side plank. You can wall sit forever and if you don't know what "C Curve" is now...you will! Be prepared to clap at the end of class. I don't know if we do this because the class was so great or if we are thankful we survived or we are applauding ourselves. We have fun! I've become a Barre addict. Jocelyn will tailor modifications for your specific needs or injuries. She has an incredible body knowledge that also makes her a superb massage therapist."



"Massage is a very important part of my personal wellness care. I have been seeing Jocelyn for about a year and I couldn't be happier with the attention, focus and care I receive from her. It is like she has this symbiotic relationship with your muscles, tendons, facia ,etc. She has the ability to release that which few have in the past. I have implicit trust in her skill as a therapist. She is always helpful in demonstrating exercises or stretches to help with your continued care and solving those chronic problems. She comes most highly recommended by me and I have no reservations in recommending her to any of my clients, friends or family. Thanks Jocelyn." - Joseph Allis L.Ac.

"Strong hands and beautiful energy is how I describe Jocelyn. She has a unique way of working the body finding the root of the physical strain and correcting patterns. I have named her the muscle master. For me, she has been an intricate part and amazing partner on my healing journey." - Rachael Bleau



"I have been taking barre classes from Jocelyn for two years, and even though I am active and participate in a lot of different activities, her classes remain the most challenging, and rewarding, of any classes I have ever taken.  Not only have I noticed changes (for the better!) in my muscle strength and posture, due both to her ability to focus on form and her insane ability to push you past where you think you can go, I have also learned how to push myself harder than ever in other non-barre activities.  And her massage skills are amazing -- she gets to the root of the problem and focuses on fixing it, rather than just making you feel temporarily better.  She's amazing!" - Alison