We believe and promote that your body should not be bound by musculature, but rather supported by it.

Jocelyn Carey
LMT, Barre Instructor

Jocelyn Carey, LMT graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in dance. She spent six years dancing professionally in New York and has performed in Cyprus, Ecuador, Canada, China and the USA. Jocelyn also spent several years working as an Aquatic Physical Therapy Aide, an Aquatic Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer before relocating to New Hampshire. She began teaching Barre Fitness classes in 2007 for A to Z Method in Newburyport, MA. She then moved on to teach Barre classes, leading teacher trainings and advanced techniques at Rasamaya Studio in Newburyport, MA and Dover, NH. She was Co-Owner of BarreLogic, a wellness center offering Barre, Fitness, Massage and Chiropractic services from 2013-2016.

Jocelyn earned a diploma from Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in 2008. Since then she has been practicing several modalities of massage and bodywork in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Practicing Therapeutic Massage has given Jocelyn an outlet to apply her knowledge and understanding of the human body from all aspects of her professional life for the benefit of others. She has discovered a passion for injury prevention and recovery work guided by the principle that a healthy body requires a definite balance between strengthening and muscular release. Jocelyn has finally found a way to exercise her love and knowledge of movement  toward teaching Barre and practicing  effective Therapeutic Massage as the proud owner of Pivotal Massage & Bodywork LLC .


"Barre class with Jocelyn is intense.  The workouts can literally transform your body within a very short period of time.  Her motivational and creative teaching style encouraged me to push my body harder, but in an anatomically correct way, maximizing results.  I can honestly say that I end up pushing myself 100% more in her classes than I would have just going to a gym.  I have become stronger and more limber and much more aware of what my body is - and will be- capable of because of her Barre classes.  I initially went into her classes in not the best of shape, with pretty low endurance.  After just about three weeks, I began to see real changes in both the tone and strength of my muscles.  Barre is a great whole body workout: challenging but also a lot of fun!"  - Emily Murphy

"You're in for a surprise! I've tried a lot of teachers but Jocelyn is the bomb! She has energy that is contagious and way of motivating that makes you want to give everything you've got. I am so spent at the end of class but I keep coming back for more. The best way I can describe Barre is a combination of Pilates, ballet Barre and boot camp. You stretch and elongate your muscles and discover little tiny muscles in areas you weren't aware existed. After a couple of months, you see your body change. Your core gets really strong. You start to see that six pack that was hiding somewhere all along. Your saggy arms tone using one pound weights and you learn to hold a plank, forearm plank and side plank. You can wall sit forever and if you don't know what "C Curve" is now...you will! Be prepared to clap at the end of class. I don't know if we do this because the class was so great or if we are thankful we survived or we are applauding ourselves. We have fun! I've become a Barre addict. Jocelyn will tailor modifications for your specific needs or injuries. She has an incredible body knowledge that also makes her a superb massage therapist."



"Massage is a very important part of my personal wellness care. I have been seeing Jocelyn for about a year and I couldn't be happier with the attention, focus and care I receive from her. It is like she has this symbiotic relationship with your muscles, tendons, facia ,etc. She has the ability to release that which few have in the past. I have implicit trust in her skill as a therapist. She is always helpful in demonstrating exercises or stretches to help with your continued care and solving those chronic problems. She comes most highly recommended by me and I have no reservations in recommending her to any of my clients, friends or family. Thanks Jocelyn." - Joseph Allis L.Ac.

"Strong hands and beautiful energy is how I describe Jocelyn. She has a unique way of working the body finding the root of the physical strain and correcting patterns. I have named her the muscle master. For me, she has been an intricate part and amazing partner on my healing journey." - Rachael Bleau